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  • Introducing the Game!

    Set sail on a sea-faring adventure in our 2D narrative exploration game. Build your crew and explore fantastical islands as you follow the footsteps of an old family friend, searching for what they were never able to find. With engaging, interactive narratives, a diverse and compelling cast of characters, and a whole raft of puzzles to challenge you, you’ll be excited to weigh anchor, hoist the sails, and take to the open seas...

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  • Studio Updates

    News, updates and development secrets

    2021年8月5日 · studio,update,islands game,development,programming
    The development of our untitled islands game demo is well underway, and after a lot of hard work over the summer months, we’ve got a few sneak peeks to show you today! Ashley, our programmer, is going to run us through what it’s like to use a no-code engine for prototyping and share some tips for...
    2021年7月2日 · update,islands game,development
    One of the elements we're most excited about with the islands game is the characters you're going to meet! Our narrative themes focus on friendship and found family, and as you'll be bringing crewmates on board your ship to help throughout the game, creating and writing compelling characters has...
    2021年5月27日 · news,islands game,update
    Clockwork Raven would like to present our new game: what we are affectionately dubbing 'the untitled islands game'. Yes, we know it's catchy. And yes, the game will contain islands! What type of game is the untitled islands game? One with a story at the heart of it, of course, filled with...
  • Tentacle Zone Incubator Participant

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    Clockwork Raven selected for game incubator

    We're excited to announce that our studio was selected to participate in Tentacle Zone's first ever game incubator in 2021. For more information read the full article here.

  • About Us

    Clockwork Raven is an independent game studio based in the UK working on engaging narrative games.

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    Development and Design

    With an MA in game design, Ashley works as a freelance game designer and sound designer, with a focus on purposeful games and games for change. When she's not working on indie titles, most recently Yokai Moon, you'll find her lecturing in game design and theory at Harrisburg University.


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    Narrative and Design

    Also with an MA in game design, Samantha is a freelance writer and narrative designer with experience on titles such as Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Broken Roads, Plague Inc., Rebel Inc., Adopt Me and Yokai Moon. She has also worked as a producer for Riot Games, Ndemic Creations and Adopt Me.


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