Weigh Anchor, and Let's Sail!

Announcing our new narrative puzzle game.

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Clockwork Raven would like to present our new game: what we are affectionately dubbing 'the untitled islands game'. Yes, we know it's catchy. And yes, the game will contain islands!

What type of game is the untitled islands game? One with a story at the heart of it, of course, filled with adventure and friendship and mystery and just the tiniest sliver of darkness and danger... oh, and puzzles. Lots of puzzles!

We're making a 2D narrative puzzle game, where you play as a woman on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Build a boat, find your crewmates, and set sail to explore the island-based world, uncover beguiling characters and engage in captivating quests along the way.

Early concept sketches of island environments

Island concept art by Abbie of Flightful Pear.

We have our main quest and story plotted, a plethora of characters drafted, a design and gameplay loop in place, and our first pieces of concept art in progress.

So come along, and join the crew! Just keep a weather eye open for any krakens...